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Committee FAQ


Q:  I was just appointed to a committee.  How long will I be a member?

A: You will remain a member of the committee until the end of the current term.  At the end of the term you will automatically be removed and instructed to sign up again.  You may choose to sign up for the same committee or select a new committee at the start of the new term.

Q:  What does it mean to be a committee member and what is expected of me?

A:  Committee members are expected to attend regular committee conference calls as their schedule allows, evaluate and vote on proposed resolutions or documents as requested by your committee leaders, and be an active participant of the committee.  If you find that your current committee is no longer of interest or you would like to try something new, request to be switched to a new committee by contacting Lorna Soderberg in the IPO office at

Q:  Where can I find my committee’s charter and the names of my fellow committee members?

A:  A list of IPO’s 30 Standing IP Committees, including membership listings and charters can be found here.

Q:  How am I added to the committee email list, and how do I contact my fellow committee members?

A:  IPO’s professional networking site, IPO Connect, includes a Discussion eGroup for every committee.  IPO Connect is linked with the IPO website and database so as new members sign up, they are automatically added to the distribution list.  New committee members are encouraged to login to IPO Connect to view previous messages and get up to speed with the work of the committee.  This is where you will often find the committee’s call schedule.

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