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December 2015
December 3- December 4  Business of IP Asia Forum 2015 Hong Kong, China
December 8  IPO Education Foundation 8th Annual Award Ceremony  EF Event Washington, DC
December 8  IPO Education Foundation Board of Directors Meeting  EF Event Washington, DC
December 8  IPO Board of Directors Meeting  IPO Event Washington, DC
December 9  The ITC and Digital Trade: The ClearCorrect Decision Washington, DC

January 2016
January 20- January 21  Pharma & Biotech Intellectual Property Marterclass Amsterdam, Netherlands
January 24- January 27   ACPC Winter Meeting Miami, FL
January 27  IPO Board of Directors Meeting  IPO Event Miami, FL
January 27- January 30  AIPLA Mid Winter Institute La Quinta, CA

February 2016
February 5- February 7  ABA Midyear Meeting San Diego, CA

March 2016
March 15  IPO Education Foundation PTO Day  EF Event Washington, DC
March 16  IPO Committee Leadership Meeting  IPO Event Washington, DC
March 16  IPO Education Foundation Board of Directors Meeting  EF Event Washington, DC
March 16  IPO Board of Directors Meeting  IPO Event Washington, DC

April 2016
April 1  NYIPLA 94th Annual Judges Dinner New York, NY
April 6- April 8  ABA • 31st Annual IP Law Conference Bethesda, MD
April 19  USPTO Design Day  IPO Event Alexandria, VA

May 2016
May 18- May 20  AIPLA Spring Meeting Minneapolis, MN
May 21- May 25  INTA Annual Meeting Orlando, CA

June 2016
June 19- June 22  ACPC Summer Meeting Charleston, SC

August 2016
August 4- August 7  ABA Annual Meeting San Francisco, CA

September 2016
September 11- September 13  2016 IPO Annual Meeting  IPO Event New York, NY
September 16- September 22  AIPPI World Congress Milan, Italy

October 2016
October 5- October 8  FICPI 16th Open Forum St. Petersburg, Russia
October 23- October 26  LES Annual Meeting Vancouver, Canada
October 27- October 29  AIPLA Annual Meeting Washington, DC

February 2017
February 1- February 4  AIPLA Mid-Winter Institute Ft. Lauderdale, FL
February 1- February 7  ABA Midyear Meeting Miami, FL

May 2017
May 17- May 19  AIPLA Spring Meeting San Diego, CA

August 2017
August 10- August 15  ABA Annual Meeting New York, NY

September 2017
September 17- September 19  2017 IPO Annual Meeting  IPO Event San Francisco, CA

October 2017
October 19- October 21  AIPLA Annual Meeting Washington, DC
October 22- October 25  LES Annual Meeting Chicago, IL

January 2018
January 24- January 27  AIPLA Mid-Winter Institute La Quinta, CA
January 31- February 6  ABA Midyear Meeting Vancouver, Canada

August 2018
August 2- August 7  ABA Annual Meeting Chicago, IL

September 2018
September 23- September 25  2018 IPO Annual Meeting  IPO Event Chicago, IL

October 2018
October 14- October 17  LES Annual Meeting Boston, MA
October 25- October 27  AIPLA Annual Meeting Washington, DC

September 2019
September 24- September 26  2019 IPO Annual Meeting  IPO Event Washington, DC