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2019 IPO Annual meeting

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Find an IP Speaker!

The members of Intellectual Property Owners Association are IP attorneys who work for corporations and law firms​. Many are willing to volunteer their time to speak to your group about the basics of IP rights, for free!  ​
Whether you are a Girl Scout leader searching for someone to guide your troop in earning their IP Patch or a professor wanting to help your music, film, or science and engineering students learn about the protections that exist for their creations, we have someone for you. 
Use the form below to tell us about your group, the particular type(s) of IP you’d like someone to discuss, and where you’re located, and we’ll provide you with a list of names and contact information for individuals who might be able to help.

PLEASE NOTE: IPO has not screened these individuals and does not necessarily endorse any positions they may take or statements they may make. Furthermore, presentations given to your group are for information purposes only and do not constitute legal advice.

IPO members: ​If you would like to volunteer to speak about IP please go to your IPO member profile to provide details on your areas of expertise and availability

Now Available: In collaboration with the 20 Million Minds Foundation, IPO is offering the following outlines and presentations for volunteers to use to speak to various age groups about IP.