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Open Source Committee


The Committee studies and, when appropriate, reports on issues relating to open source licensing, governance, and litigation. Development and distribution of software and other technologies under open source (sometimes called “free”) licenses has become a multibillion dollar industry. There are a wide variety of open source licenses available (many, but not all, of which can be found at the Open Source Initiative’s website:, ranging from ”academic” or “permissive” licenses like the Berkeley Systems Distribution (BSD) license to “copyleft” licenses like the GNU General Public Licenses (GPL). All of these licenses raise legal, business, and policy issues and have different requirements with respect to copyright, patent, and other intellectual property to which the licensor gives fairly unrestricted rights. Some of the ramifications of these various licenses are yet to be fully interpreted by courts or administrative bodies, and as a result there are a variety of opinions on how these licenses would be enforced. Open source licenses raise many as-yet-unresolved issues involving IP ownership, licensing, control, integration, business model, divestiture and merger/acquisition, among others. The Committee’s primary purposes will be to invite guest speakers, to monitor, discuss, and possibly participate (under Board direction) in legal developments associated with open source licensing, to participate (under Board direction) in formulating any agreed-upon IPO policies relating to open source licensing, and to inform the IPO Board, and membership about current issues and practices relevant to open source licensing.

Committee Roster

Chair: Deepika Bhayana, Dell Technologies
Vice Chair: Brian Adams, Qualcomm Incorporated
Board Liaison: Ronald A. Antush, Nokia USA Inc.
Staff Liaison: Samantha J. Aguayo, Intellectual Property Owners Association


 Jonathan Burns
 Google Inc.

 Evelyn Chen

 Daisy Darvall
 Kirkland & Ellis, LLP

 Yolanda Del Toro

 Kevin C. Ecker
 Koninklijke Philips N.V.

 Bert Fary
 General Electric Co.

 Gaurav Gupta
 HP Inc.

 Blair Hoyt
 Harness, Dickey & Pierce, P.L.C.

 Scott Jameson
 HP Inc.

 Raymond Krasinski
 Koninklijke Philips N.V.

 Matthew C. Kuipers

 John S. Le Roy
 Brooks Kushman P.C.

 Van Lindberg
 Dykema Gossett PLLC

 Martin F. Noonan
 Pitney Bowes Inc.

 Charles F. O'Brien
 Cantor Colburn LLP

 Milin Patel
 Hewlett Packard Enterprise

 Joseph Reed
 Caterpillar Inc.

 Sue Ross
 Norton Rose Fulbright

 Matthew Shaw
 InterDigital Holdings, Inc.

 Max Sills
 Google Inc.

 Rachel Smith
 Brooks Kushman P.C.

 Jamie B. Specter
 Capital One

 Benjamin Su
 HP Inc.

 Andrew Wilson
 Baker Botts LLP

Non-Voting Member:Thomas Burton, Siemens Corp.
Non-Voting Member:Michael Cameron, Ericsson
Non-Voting Member:Marcia Chang, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Non-Voting Member:David Djavaherian, PacTech Law
Non-Voting Member:Andrea Lynn Evensen, Siemens Corp.
Non-Voting Member:Latonia Gordon, Microsoft Corp.
Non-Voting Member:Christina Huang, 3M Innovative Properties Co.
Non-Voting Member:Amy A. Marasco, Microsoft Corp.
Non-Voting Member:David Marr, Qualcomm Incorporated
Non-Voting Member:Timothy Nathan, Koninklijke Philips N.V.
Non-Voting Member:Matteo Sabattini, Ericsson

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