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The IPO International Patent Law & Practice Committee Newsletter began in 2009, as a convenient forum for the exchange of ideas and information about timely issues and developments within the global intellectual property community.  The tri-annually published Newsletter (Spring, Summer/Fall, Winter) features reports on new laws and guidelines affecting the examination and enforcement of patents in one or more jurisdictions, comments and practical advice on recent judicial decisions, and comparisons of patent practice across multiple jurisdictions.  Although most articles are contributed by IPLP Committee members and members of the Asian Practice, European Practice, and Latin American Practice Committees, the IPLP Committee welcomes all IPO members to submit articles for publication in this valuable resource.

Restricted ContentDecember 2014 Newsletter

  • Recent Moves to Enhance the Quality of Patents in China - Toby Mak
  • A Look at the Recent Decision in Teva UK Ltd v. Astrazeneca ABPhilip Bilney
  • The "Clarity" - Case G3/14 Before the EPO's Enlarged Board of Appeal - Dr. Aloys Hüttermann
  • Extended Protection for Medical Devices - A Hot Topic in the UK - Edward Oates & Chloe Grover
  • Protecting Medical Devices in Canada - Noel Courage & Adrienne Bieber-McNeill
  • You Can't Judge a Book by Its Cover: When are Domestic Negotiations a "Sale" or "Offer to Sell"? - Elizabeth Lester and Pete Pappas
  • Brazilian Advances in the Area of Protection and Analyses of Patent Applications - Nascimento Costa
  • Green Patents Project Phase III Accepts Applications of PCT Patents in National Phase in Brazil - Nascimento Costa

Restricted ContentMay 2014 Newsletter

  • Provisions for Compulsory LIcenses in Africa - Janet Cord
  • China Starts to Protect Designs of Graphical User Interface (GUI) from May 1, 2014 - Lucy Wang
  • "I Want You to Stay": UK Court of Appeal Agrees to Await Outcome of EPO Central Limitation - Gary Small and Paul Bettridge
  • Making Sense of the CJEU's Recent SPC Decisions in Georgetown II, Actavis and Eli Lilly - Ed Oates and Fred Nicolle
  • Recent Changes in German IP Law - Dr. Aloys Hüttermann
  • Argentina: On the Term of Patents Filed and Granted in Times of Statutory Change - Martin Bensadon and Ivan Poli

Restricted ContentDecember 2013 Newsletter

  • Anvisa’s Interference In The Prosecution of Brazilian Pharmaceutical Patent Applications - Eduardo Camara and Bernardo Alexandre
  • The Determination of Inventive Step - Crystal J. Chen
  • Challenges and Opportunities for Pharmaceutical Companies in Brazil: A Brief Introduction To Patents, Data Package Protection and Food Land Drug Law - Ricardo Dutra Nunes
  • Recent Rule Changes In The European Patent Convention - Dr. Aloys Hüttermann
  • A Disappointing Week For European SPC Law - Edward Oates
  • Legal Framework For Design Protection in Taiwan - Candy K.Y. Chen

Restricted ContentSeptember 2013 Newsletter

  • Canadian Intellectual Property Office Grapples with Business Method Patents - Arya Ghadimi, T. Andrew Currier, and Stephen J. Perry
  • Canadian Intellectual Property Office Issues New Examination Guidelines - Santosh Chari and Wilfred So
  • EU Unitary Patent - Frank D. Peterreins and John B. Pegram
  • Appeal From the Living Dead (?): The Case of G1/13 Before the EPO’s Great Board of Appeal - Dr. Aloys Hüttermann
  • Greek Yoghurt (Or Yoghurt, It Is Not All Greek) - Richard Price

Restricted ContentMay 2013 Newsletter

  • Indian Supreme Court Decision in Novartis (Gleevac/Glivec) Case - John Richards
  • Is It an Infringement When You Replace One Component of a Patented Combination? The UK Supreme Court Decision in Schütz v. Werit - John Richards
  • Damn the Torpedoes - ECJ Allows Negative Declaratory Judgments - Dr. Aloys Hüttermann

Restricted ContentDecember 2012 Newsletter

  • Pharmaceutical Related Patent Examination Changes the Decision To “Create An Unhealthy Patent”? - Claudio M. Szabas
  • Comparing Grace Periods: Canadian vs. America Invents Act - T. Andrew Currier and Arya Ghadimi
  • Raising the Bar—Changes to the Australian Patents Act - Neil Kenneth Ireland
  • Argentina—New Guidelines for the Examination of Pharmaceutical/Chemical Applications - Martín Bensadon and Iván Alfredo Poli
  • Supreme Court of Canada Upholds Standards of Disclosure - Santosh K. Chari and Ainslie Little Blake

Restricted ContentApril 2012 Newsletter

  • Canadian Patent Office Allows “1-Click” Patent - Philip Mendes da Costa
  • Personalized Medicine Patents Rejected By U.S. Supreme Court - Robert Smyth
  • Coming-Up Amendments to German IP Law - Dr. Aloys Hüttermann
  • Broken Promises – Canadian Patent Claims Don’t Fly - Santosh Chari and Anthony Prenol
  • Practice Tips For Patent Prosecution In Brazil - Claudio M. Szabas
  • Raising The Bar Of Patentability In Australia - David Miles PhD
  • The Absurdity of the Unauthorised Disclosure Provisions in Australia - Vaughan Barlow

Restricted ContentDecember 2011 Newsletter

  • Experience with Compulsory Licensing of Patents in Japan - Matthew P. Fitzpatrick
  • Europe’s Registered Community Design Right. Early Learnings From Apple vs. Samsung - Jean-Jacques Canonici
  • Star Wars Stormtrooper Helmets Not Copyrightable Under British Law, But Infringement Of U.S. Copyright is Justiciable - John Richards
  • European Court of Justice Decision on Patentability of Stem Cell Related Inventions - John Richards
  • Federal Circuit Rules That Isolated DNA Sequences Represent Patent-Eligible Subject Matter - Robert Smyth
  • Disclosure of Prior Art: Duty Free in the Canadian Patent Office? - Adam Bobker and Noel Courage
  • Innovation Patents in Australia - Michael J. Houlihan
  • The Canadian Patent Promise: A Concern for Pharmaceutical Innovators? - Arvie Anderson and Lawrence Welch

Restricted ContentAugust 2011 Newsletter

  • An Update on the Community Patent Project - Neil Jenkins
  • Post-Filed Data in European Patent Prosecution - Alison Care
  • Patent Barriers to Biosimilars in Canada - Noel Courage
  • South American IP Collaborative Project “Prosur” Keeps Moving Forward - Mariano Municoy
  • Patent Reform Act Passed - Robert Smyth
  • Sufficiency of Disclosure and Sound Prediction Requirements in Canada - Beverley Moore and Chantal Saunders
  • Description Sufficiency in Brazil - Claudio M. Szabas

Restricted ContentApril 2011 Newsletter

  • The New Argentina System of Divisional Patent Application - Martin Bensadon and Ivan Alfredo Poli
  • The Patentability of Biological Materials in Australia - Vaughan Barlow
  • Canadian Patentability of Monoclonal Antibody Claims - Graeme Boocock
  • Changes and Improvements in Chilean Patent Law - Eduardo Molina
  • Amazon 1-Click: The Flip Flop In Canada Over Whether Software and Business Methods Are Patentable - Jason B. Hynes and Philip Mendes da Costa
  • Australia Intellectual Property Laws Amendment (Raising The Bar) Draft Bill 2011 - Michael Houlihan
  • Patent Prosecution in India - Daniel J. Staudt
  • EPO Petitions for Review - Hans Prins
  • Recent Developments in the Quest for an EU Patent - John Richards

Restricted ContentDecember 2010 Newsletter

  • Recent Changes to the German Act on Employees’ Inventions - William D. Sartor and Daniel J. Staudt
  • The “Monsanto”-Case-a First Landmark Ruling of the ECJ - Dr. Aloys Hüttermann
  • Export Restrictions Requiring First Filing with Inventors from Multiple Jurisdictions - Neil Kenneth Ireland
  • New Requirements at the EPO Regarding Earlier Search Reports - Thomas Leonard
  • Memo On New EPC Rule 62A - Georg Siegert
  • Federal Circuit Affirms That A Provisional Application Can Show Another Party Was First To Invent - Robert Busby and Robert Smyth
  • Brazil and India Continue Challenging At The World Trade Organization (WTO) The European Seizures of Generics Drugs in Transit - Mariano Municoy
  • The New USPTO Obviousness Guidelines: Is The US Coming Closer To An Inventive Step Standard? - Joshua Goldberg
  • One-Year Follow Up Of Activities In Patent “Licensing-In” Related Matters - Claudio M. Szabas

Restricted ContentJuly 2010 Newsletter

  • INPI Today Facts And Figures - Claudio M. Szabas
  • Inequitable Conduct - Janet I. Cord
  • Why IP Owners Need To Worry About Privilege - Leonara Hoicka
  • European Patent Office Changes Time Deadlines for Filing Divisional Applications - Robert Smyth
  • Argentine Tribunal of Second Instance Reversed a Ruling and Found Patent Infringed Awarding Monetary Damages - Mariano Municoy
  • Obviousness Under Canadian Law - Michael E. Charles

Restricted ContentMay 2010 Newsletter

  • Will Brazil Cross-Retaliate Against the U.S. by Suspending or Limiting Intellectual Property Rights after the Conclusion of the “Cotton Case” at the WTO? - Mariano Municoy
  • IP Law in Modern Day China: A Look at the Evolving Patent Landscape - Jay A. Erstling and John P. Fonder
  • Is Experimental Use an Exception to Patent Infringement in Australia or New Zealand? - THomas M. Boyce
  • European Patent Office Board of Appeals Ends Use of Swiss-Type Claims for Pharmaceutical Patents - Robert Smyth
  • Eli Lilly v. Human Genome Sciences: A Difference in Opinion from the EPO and the UK Court of Appeal - Allison Care

Restricted ContentDecember 2009 Newsletter

  • Helpful Hints for Obtaining Quality Patents in Australia - Michael J. Houlihan
  • Helpful Hints for Obtaining Quality Design Patents or Registrations - Marcus P. Dolce
  • Helpful Hints for Obtaining Patent Quality with Respect to Korean Practice - Suntaek Lee
  • Helpful Hints for Obtaining Quality Patents in Argentina - Mariano Municoy
  • News in Patent License Agreements in Brazil - Claudio Szabas
  • Bad Patents - Janet Cord
  • Obtaining Stronger Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Patents in Canada - Anna Wilkinson

Restricted ContentJuly 2009 Newsletter

  • Product-By-Process Claims – A Jurisdictional Comparison - Tom Boyce, Bill Bennett, and Nick Finnie
  • Effect of India Patent Law on the Patenting of Drugs and New Uses of Old Products - Janet Cord
  • The Impact of the Developing Country Lobby on the PCT - Samson Helfgott
  • The New Rules From the EPO: Raising the Bar and Increasing Legal Certainty - Allison Care
  • PCT Supplementary International Search (SIS) - Jay Erstling
  • PCT National Phase Entries in Brazil After the 30-Month Time Limit - Claudio Szabas

Restricted ContentMay 2009 Newsletter

  • The Current Proposals for a European Patent Court - Neil Jenkins
  • The Patent Prosecution Highway - Samson Helfgott
  • Japan Super-Accelerated Examination - Janet Cord
  • Software Patents in Europe - Alison Care
  • The Current Status of Software Patent Eligibility in Argentina - Mariano Municoy
  • The Patentability of Software Related Inventions in Australia - Bill Bennett and Joe Arrouk
  • Software and Business Inventions in Brazil - Claudio Szabas
  • Korea as International Searching Authority Under the PCT - Peter Nichols and Marcus Paul Dolce