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Monday, 15 April 2019 8:04 am


NPR, Frontline Investigate Effect of Chinese Business Practices on U.S. Companies

Last Friday NPR reported on its investigation, done in collaboration with the PBS show Frontline, into the theft of U.S. companies’ intellectual property by China. The U.S. government estimates that IP theft and unfair business practices by China cost the U.S. economy more than $57 billion annually. NPR and Frontline found that a contributing factor in the government’s failure to more aggressively address the problem is the reluctance of businesses who have been victims of theft or espionage to come forward.

Forbes Discusses Frivolous Trade Secret Litigation

Last week Forbes published an article arguing that the Defend Trade Secrets Act has facilitated a rise in frivolous trade secret misappropriation lawsuits. The author discusses House Canary’s recent win in a suit against Amrock after an appellate court affirmed a district court decision that the title insurance and valuation company stole House Canary’s trade secrets to create its valuation model.

Above the Law Discusses Continued Relevance of Alice

Last week Above the Law published an article discussing the continued relevance of the Supreme Court’s Alice decision in patent litigation. Last week a district court judge denied Sinemia’s motions to dismiss a patent infringement suit filed by MoviePass, concerning technology that allows the movie subscription service’s mobile app to confirm a user’s identity using location data, after finding that there was a question of fact concerning whether MoviePass’s claim featured an “inventive concept.”