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IPO Women in IP Committee - Push Forward Subcommittee, Economics of Diversity White Paper, posted 03/05/2019

Restrcited ContentPatent Eligibility Subcommittee of the IPO Software Related Inventions Committee, 35 USC 101 Subject Matter Eligibility Cases Involving Software-Related Inventions, posted 01/18/2019

Intellectual Property Owners Association Damages and Injunctions Committee, Apportionment in Determining Reasonable Royalty Damages: Legal Principles, Practical Considerations and Countervailing Viewpoints, posted 01/08/2019

IPO Women in IP Committee, Gender Pay Gaps White Paper, posted 10/18/2018

IPO Corporate IP Management Committee, 2017 Corporate IP Management Survey Report, posted 09/17/2018

IPO International Trademark Law and Practice Committee, Protection of Graphic Logo Trade Marks Around the World – Copyright or Trade Mark Enforcement? An International Survey of Twenty Countries, posted 12/11/2017

IPO Anti-Counterfeiting Committee, 2017 Anti-Counterfeiting Survey Report, posted 11/09/2017

IPO Women in IP Committee, Toolkit on Implicit Bias, posted 11/01/2017

IPO Women in IP Committee, Implicit Bias White Paper, posted 11/01/2017

IPO Women in IP Committee, Toolkit on Vague Feedback, posted 08/22/2017

IPO Women in IP Committee, Toolkit on Speaking with Influence, posted 08/22/2017

IPO Women in IP Committee, Toolkit on Work-Life Balance, posted 08/22/2017

IPO Women in IP Committee, Push Forward Report, posted 05/11/2017

IPO Latin American Practice Committee, Guideline for Patents and Trademarks Prosecution and Litigation in Latin America, posted 02/07/2017

Cooper C. Woodring, A Proposal for a Major Overhaul of the Legal Standards for the Prosecution and Infringement of U.S. Design Patents, posted 10/26/2016

David Scannell, Lynn Levine, and Brian Busey, Time for Another Look at General Exclusion Orders?, posted 07/21/2016

Daniel Muino and Jessica Roberts, Show Me The Article: The "Articles" Requirement for Domestic Industry Based on Licensing, posted 07/21/2016

Julia Elvidge, Preparing Proactively for Future Licensing or Sale, posted 11/11/2015

Kerry Flynn, Stacy Lewis, and Tom Irving, Pre-Institution at PTAB: Obtaining a Denial is a Patent Owner Win - PART 2: Substantive Bases of Challenge, posted 10/22/2015

Kerry Flynn, Stacy Lewis, and Tom Irving, Pre-Institution at PTAB: Obtaining a Denial is a Patent Owner Win - PART 1: Technical Bases of Challenge, posted 10/05/2015

Kenneth R. Adamo, Brent P. Ray, Eugene Goryunov, and Ryan M. Hubbard, Deference-In-Part: Review of a District Court's Claim Construction, posted 09/01/2015

Restrcited ContentIPO U.S. POST-GRANT PATENT OFFICE PRACTICE COMMITTEE, Patent Owner's Considerations for Review Proceedings at the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) Concurrent with Litigation, posted 07/15/2015

Conrad Gosen and Tasha Francis, Ph.D., The Confusing and Often Contradictory World of Pleading Defenses and Counterclaims in Patent Cases, posted 06/25/2015

Andrew S. Baluch and Q. Todd Dickinson, Finding a Middle Ground on Motions to Amend Claims in Inter Partes Review, posted 06/03/2015

Curtis Krechevsky and Thomas Mango, Giving DuPont Its Due: How B&B Hardware Empowers TTAB, posted 05/20/2015

Brian D. Coggio and Ron Vogel, Personal Jurisdiction In Hatch-Waxman Actions In View of Daimler , posted 05/20/2015

Rebecca Cavin, Suzanne Konrad, and Michael Abernathy, Where Do We Go from Here? - An Analysis of Teva’s Impact on IPR Practice and How the Federal Circuit Is Attempting to Limit the Impact of Teva, posted 05/07/2015

Brian D. Coggio and Ron Vogel, Should A Good Faith Belief In Patent Invalidity Negate Induced Infringement? (The Trouble with Commil is DSU) , posted 02/12/2015

Michael Moore, Hands-On Counsel, posted 01/28/2015

Kenneth R. Adamo, Brent P. Ray, Eugene Goryunov, and Greg Polins, Avoiding the Litigation Rabbit Hole: Federal Circuit Endorses Pre-Answer § 101 Challenges , posted 12/30/2014

Terry Ludlow, Trends In Technology IP Licensing , posted 12/10/2014

Kenneth R. Adamo, David W. Higer, Eugene Goryunov, and Ryan M. Hubbard, An Appeal-ing Proposition: Federal Circuit Standards of Review for Decisions of the Patent Trial and Appeal Board, posted 07/07/2014

Robert L. Stoll, Patent Troll: Friend or Foe?, posted 04/28/2014

Restrcited ContentIPO Domain Names and Social Media Committee, New and Upcoming Domain Name Presents New Risks, posted 03/24/2014

Myung-Shin Kim, Intellectual Property Framework Act in Korea , posted 03/13/2014

Restrcited ContentIPO IP Management Committee, Intellectual Property Valuation, posted 10/23/2013

David Goulden, 2013 Annual Meeting Keynote Address Transcript, posted 10/01/2013

William A. Simons, IP Issues with Additive Manufacturing, posted 08/06/2013

Ria Farrell Schalnat, Will Google Break the GPL?, posted 04/29/2013

Restrcited ContentIntellectual Property Owners Association, 2011 Corporate IP Management Benchmarking Survey, posted 02/27/2012

Restrcited ContentIntellectual Property Owners Association Litigation, Corporate IP Management, and Arbitration & Mediation Committees, Alternative Fees Survey Report, posted 10/13/2011

Restrcited ContentIntellectual Property Owners Association Open Source Committee, OSS Diligence for M&A - Best Practices, posted 06/01/2011

Jon Santamauro, The Nagoya Protocol on Access and Benefit-Sharing and the New International Framework, posted 05/23/2011

Patricia Rogowski and David Morse, Warning to Corporate Officers, posted 03/25/2011

Lynn C. Tyler, Federal Circuit Establishes Standards for Patent Prosecution Bars in Protective Orders, posted 11/16/2010

Scott Slavick, I Am Not a Spokeperson For My Company, posted 07/02/2010

Roy E. Hofer, Supreme Court Reversal Rates: Evaluating the Federal Court of Appeals, posted 07/02/2010

David A. Gauntlett, Narrow, Narrower, Narrowest, posted 05/28/2010

Herbert D. Hart III, A True Litigation Alternative: Has The Patent and Trademark Office Delivered?, posted 05/28/2010

Intellectual Property Owners Association, 2009 Corporate IP Management Benchmarking Survey , posted 01/10/2010

John Allcock and Dan Gallipeau, How to Get Inside a Juror's Mind; Forget Facts and Logic. Focus Instead on Deep-seated Beliefs, posted 11/19/2009

Restrcited ContentIPO ITC Committee, by Bryan J. Vogel, Adam R. Hess, Anthony C. Roth, Foreign Procedures Corresponding to ITC Investigations Under Section 337 - Provisions for Barring Importation of Infringed Goods Into Other Countries, posted 07/31/2009

James J. Kozuch, "Commercial Success" in Pharmaceutical Patent Litigation, and Cross-Examination of the Patent Owner's Economist, posted 07/31/2009

Tom M. Schaumberg, Section 337: A Thoroughly International IP Statute, posted 09/03/2008

Reproduced with permission from BNA's Patent, Trademark & Copyright Journal, IPO Conference Attempts to Bridge Intersection of Patent and Antitrust Law, posted 06/23/2008

Restrcited ContentKenneth E. Krosin, Nancy G. Tinsley, Bret T. Winterle, and Jeremy A. Younkin, IPO Discovery Committee, Discoverability of Expert Report Drafts, posted 06/23/2008

David A. Gauntlett, Obtaining Reimbursement for Defense Fees in Antitrust/Unfair Competition Counterclaims Can Fund Affirmative Prosecution of Intellectual Property Lawsuits, posted 05/08/2008

Robert J. Walter and Yefat Levy, IPO ITC Committee, An Introduction to Remedies and Enforcement Proceedings in Section 337 Investigations at the International Trade Commission, posted 12/26/2007

Tom M. Schaumberg and Michael L. Doane, IPO ITC Committee, Section 337 Remedy Updates, posted 10/17/2007

Cameron Gray, Clearing the Underbrush, posted 09/17/2007

Charles E. Miller, New Procedural Rights for IP Owners and the Promotion of Judicial Economy and Efficiency through the use of Arbitration in Civil Actions against the USPTO, posted 09/17/2007

David A. Gauntlett, Best Practices" Internet Media Liability and Cyberspace Policy, posted 09/13/2007

James E. Malackowski, Keith Cardoza, Cameron Gray, and Rick Conroy, The Intellectual Property Marketplace: Emerging Transaction and Investment Vehicles, posted 08/17/2007

Mr. Peng Kai and Mr. Zachary Wortham, How to Use IPR Customs Protection Effectively in China, posted 07/02/2007

IPO Litigation Principles Task Force, Respecting Patent Rights: Model Behavior for Patent Owners, posted 03/06/2007

Intellectual Property Owners Association, 2006 Benchmarking Survey for Intellectual Property Owners Association, posted 01/01/2007

Dr. Mariano Municoy, Latin American IP Report 2005/2006, posted 02/01/2006

Robert Cantrell, Beneath the Surface: Market Implications of Intellectual Property Policy and Asia, posted 01/01/2006

Jamie H. McDole & Aaron D. Charfoos, Multidistrict Litigation in Patent Infringement Cases, posted 03/01/2005

William J. Kramer & Chirag B. Patel, Securitisation of Intellectual Property Assets in the US Market, posted 01/02/2005

Christopher Braidwood & Patrick Ertel, What Venture Capitalists Should Look for in Startup IP, posted 01/01/2005

Gary E. Hood, Bust the Bad Guys: How to Harness Criminal Intellectual Property Laws to Protect Your Company's Valuable IP Assets, posted 01/01/2005

David A. Gauntlett, Insurance Coverage for Business Method Patent Infringement Lawsuits Under Commercial Liability Policies, posted 01/01/2005

Alan Ratliff, Selected Recent Developments in Intellectual Asset and IP Damages Litigation, posted 01/01/2005

Paul D. Ertel, The Key to Implementing a Successful Licensing Strategy: Licensing in the Boardroom, posted 10/02/2004

IPO Asian Practice Committee, Survey Results from the 2004 Intellectual Property Owners Association Survey on Employee Inventor Compensation Practices, posted 02/02/2004

Iain Cockburn and Rebecca Henderson, Survey Results from the 2003 Intellectual Property Owners Association Survey on Strategic Management of Intellectual Property, posted 10/02/2003