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Gunnar Gundersen, Copyright: Reasons to Register - Benefits of Registering Sooner Rather Than Later, posted 02/26/2019

Bradley L. Smith, Political Campaigns Put Copyright Basics in The Spotlight, posted 03/18/2010

Sarah Shang, How to Better Regulate P2P Developers' Conduct Under Chinese Law, posted 02/05/2008

Monica Yang, The Ownership of Software Copyright in Offshore Outsourcing: A Comparative Study of China and U.S., posted 02/05/2008

Lisa Zhang, Protecting Traditional Cultural Expressions from a Copyright Perspective, posted 02/05/2008

Jiang Chao, Secondary Liability of P2P-like Service in China: Kuro Case and its Impact, posted 02/05/2008

Fan Wen, Analysis & Solution for Indirect Infringing Liability of Developers of P2P File Sharing Software, posted 02/05/2008