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Restrcited ContentIPO Patent Law and Practice (International) Committee, International Patent Law and Practice Newsletter - December, posted 12/10/2009

Robert A. Matthews, Jr., Legal Nuances When a Patent Holding Company Seeks to Enforce a U.S. Patent, posted 11/19/2009

Mariano Municoy, Judicial Decision in Argentina Tackles the Interplay Between Enforcing Patent Right and Antitrust Law within the Dispute between Monsanto and the Argentine Government on the "GM soy-seed RR", posted 11/19/2009

Restrcited ContentIPO Standards Setting Committee, Standards Primer: An Overview of Standards Setting Bodies and Patent-Related Issues that Arise in the Context of Standards Setting Activities, posted 10/09/2009

Robert A. Matthews, Jr., The Restricted Scope of Patent Infringement Remedies Available to "Non-Practicing" Patent Owners, posted 09/23/2009

Restrcited ContentIPO Software and Business Methods & Design Rights Committee, A Practical Approach to Protection of Graphical User Interfaces in the US, posted 08/03/2009

Restrcited ContentIPO Patent Law and Practice (International) Committee, International Patent Law and Practice Newsletter - July, posted 08/03/2009

Matthew D. Thayne, What Every Business Executive and In-House Attorney Should Know About Obtaining and Using Patent Opinions, posted 07/24/2009

Michael Hurley, Paul Devinsky, and Justin Hill, The Supreme Court Decides Quanta v. LGE/ U.S. and European Perspectives, posted 07/01/2009

Restrcited ContentEliot Williams, Proving Direct Infringement of Software and Business Method Patent Claims Involving Multiple Actors, posted 06/01/2009

Restrcited ContentGeorge N. Chaclas, Patrick A. Lujin, Binal J. Patel, Leslie M. Spencer, and Michael D Stein, Through the Looking Glass: Litigating Software and Business Method Patents Under Section 112, posted 06/01/2009

Nicholas Plionis, Ex parte Miyazaki - Defining Difficulty with BPAI's New Standard for Indefiniteness, posted 05/08/2009

Perry J. Saidman, Egyptian Goddess Exposed! But not in the Buff(er)...,, posted 05/08/2009

Restrcited ContentIPO Patent Law and Practice (International) Committee, International Patent Law and Practice Newsletter - May, posted 05/01/2009

Matthew A. Smith, Inter Partes Reexamination, posted 03/25/2009

Restrcited ContentIPO Software and Business Methods Committee, Patent Practice in the Wake of In Re: Bilski, posted 03/02/2009

Bill Bennett, A Reference Guide to the Australian Patent System, posted 02/26/2009

Jonathan M. Spenner, Obvious-to-Try Obviousness of Chemical Enantiomers in View of Pre- and Post-KSR Analysis, posted 01/06/2009

Paul F. Prestia, Generic Versions of Biologics: The Problem and a Possible Solution, posted 11/03/2008

Ramsey M. Al-Salam, Thomas E. Kelly, and Richard Evans, The Patent Exhaustion Landscape: Quanta, McFarling and More, posted 11/03/2008

Mariano Municoy, Test Data Protection in Latin America, posted 11/03/2008

Perry Saidman, The Dysfunctional Read Test: Missing the Mark(man) Regarding the Test for Design Patent Infringement, posted 09/16/2008

Perry Saidman, What is the Point of the Point of Novelty Test for Design Patent Infringement?, posted 09/16/2008

Andy Gibbs, Comparison of Statistical Quality Indicators of Patents in CAFC Decisions Before and After KSR v. Teleflex, posted 09/03/2008

Brent Yamashita, Secondary Considerations of Obviousness in a Patent Case: The Seldom-Used Simultaneous Invention Factor, posted 07/11/2008

Jon R. Trembath, KSR International Co. v. Teleflex Inc. - Obviousness Revisited, posted 06/25/2008

Stephen J. Ferance, Deemed Abandonment Provisions Pose Traps for the Unwary, posted 05/07/2008

Restrcited ContentKenneth W. Brothers and Michael A. Weinstein, Analyzing Allegations of Willful Patent Infringement Claims after Seagate, posted 03/07/2008

Kenneth R. Adamo, Ryan B. McCrum and Susan M. Gerber, The Curse of 'Copying', posted 03/07/2008

Erika Arner, Patenting Software and Business Methods in 2007, posted 01/28/2008

Esther H. Steinhauer, Pharmaceutical Patents After KSR, posted 01/10/2008

Restrcited ContentIPO Hatch-Waxman Committee, IPO Hatch-Waxman Committee Newsletter December 2006 - June 2007, posted 10/25/2007

Karl F. Jorda, Utility Models: The Panacea for our Broken Patent System, posted 09/17/2007

William Bennett, Inventive Step in Australia, posted 08/15/2007

Authored under the leadership of Mr. Edward Blocker, Chair of the IPO Asian Practice Committee, Asian Practice Committee White Paper - Patent Procurement in India, posted 07/10/2007

Douglas Sharrott and Hassen A. Sayeed, Intellectual Property Developments in Biochip Nanotechnology, posted 06/13/2007

Robert L. Baechtold, Bruce M. Wexler and Dennis Gregory, Extraordinary Remedies in US Patent Litigation, posted 06/13/2007

IPO Hatch-Waxman Committee, IPO Hatch-Waxman Committee Newsletter Aug-Dec 2006, posted 06/06/2007

M. Veronica Mullally, Is Similar Safe Enough? A Review of the Technical and Legal Issues Delaying Generic Biopharmaceuticals, posted 05/15/2007

Chief Judge Paul R. Michel, Transcript of Luncheon Keynote Address given by Chief Judge Paul R. Michel, posted 05/15/2007

Charles L. Gholz, When is the Declaration of an Interference a Ticket to Ride to the End of the Line?, posted 04/17/2007

Perry J. Saidman, Note: Update on Trade Dress/Patent Conundrum: The Right to Copy Doctrine, posted 04/17/2007

William B. Vass, Business Method Patents: Navigating the Legal Maze in Canada, posted 04/17/2007

Franklin Pierce Law Center, Notes on a Patent Reform Conversation, posted 03/19/2007

IPO Hatch-Waxman Committee, IPO Hatch-Waxman Committee Newsletter, posted 10/29/2006

Todd Juneau, Should Provisional Patent Applications Have Claims?, posted 07/03/2006

Steven Adam, What is my Patent Portfolio Really Worth? Measuring and Increasing Real Value of Your Patent Portfolio, posted 07/01/2006

Conor McCourt and Eileen McMahon, Regulating Drug Costs in Ontario: Amendments to Ontario's Drug Benefit Programs and Generic Drug Interchangeability Designation Are Now in Force, posted 06/23/2006

Dale L. Carlson and Robert A. Migliorini, Patent Reform at the Crossroads: Experience in the Far East with Oppositions Suggests an Alternative Approach for the United States, posted 05/01/2006

Terry Ludlow, "Why is Everybody Picking on Me?" Defending Your Company Against Patent Bullies and Trolls, posted 01/01/2006

Daniel J. Whittle, Using Patents as Business Tools: All I Really Need to Know About Patents I Learned in Junior High Shop, posted 08/24/2005

Eric E. Bensen, Apportionment of Lost Profits in Comtemporary Patent Damages Cases, posted 07/01/2005

Pierre Véron & Olivier Mandel, A Statistical Study of 20 Years of Preliminary Injuction in Patent Infringement Litigation, posted 04/01/2005

John D. Carlin & Colin G. Cabral, Hatch-Waxman Safe Harbor Construed in 'Merck v. Integra', posted 03/01/2005

Donald J. Curry, Effect of Knorr-Bremse on Decisions to Rely on Opinion of Outside Counsel, posted 02/01/2005

Arthur Z. Bookstein, Festo' Has Changed Landscape for Patent Litigation, Prosecution: Summary Judgment Becomes More Crucial, As Do Narrow Patent Claims, posted 01/01/2005

Paul F. Morgan & Bruce Stoner, Reexamination vs. Litigation: Making Intelligent Decisions in Challenging Patent Validity, posted 01/01/2005

Wayne C. Jaeschke & Kimberly A. Kluge, Innovating from Genes to Pumps into the "Nano-Dimension": The Legal Consequences of the Insatiable Urge to Build a Better Mousetrap, posted 01/01/2005

Harold R. Brown III, Finding Motivation, Teaching, or Suggestion in the Prior Art, posted 01/01/2005

James E. Kelley & Gregory A. Cox, The "Anti" - Written Description Requirement?: Antibodies, Example 16, The Guidelines, and Noelle v. Lederman, posted 01/01/2005

Sandip H. Patel & Lily Rin-Laures, Industries Await Exemption Verdict, posted 01/01/2005

William J. Kramer & Chirag Patel, Data Treasury Patent Litigation: The Impact on Payment Systems, posted 01/01/2005

Charles L. Gholz, Markman Hearings for Interferences?, posted 01/01/2005

Steven E. Warner and Stephen E. Belisle, Corporate Officers Beware: Will Corporate Veils Preclude Personal Liability for Patent Infringement?, posted 01/01/2005

Soonhee Jang, Bonan Lin, & Jon Wood, Overview of Chinese Patent Law, posted 11/01/2004

Thomas Q. T. Tsai & Candy Kai-Yun Chen, What a Foreign Applicant Should Know About Patent Procurement in China, posted 10/01/2004

Perry J. Saidman & Allison Singh, The Death of Gorham Co. v. White: Killing It Softly With Markman, posted 02/01/2004

Michael T. Konczal, Federal Protection for Vessel Hull Designs, posted 01/01/2002

Todd Juneau & Jill Macalpine, Protecting Patents From the Beginning: The Importance of Information Disclosure Statements During Patent Prosecution, posted 08/01/2000

Gary L. Griswold & F. Andrew Ubel, Prior User Rights – A Necessary Part of a First-to-File System, posted 04/01/1993