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Restrcited ContentIPO Trade Secrets Committee, Competitive Intelligence White Paper, posted 11/19/2009

R. Mark Halligan, Protection of U.S. Trade Secret Assets: Critical Amendments to the Economic Espionage Act of 1996, posted 09/23/2009

Jonathan D. Goins, Minor v. Martin: A Memory Game of Trade Secrets, posted 03/25/2009

Randall E. Kahnke, Kerry L. Bundy, and Kenneth A. Liebman, Doctrine of Inevitable Disclosure, posted 09/30/2008

Benjamin K. Riley, Three Pitfalls for Trade Secret Plaintiffs, posted 09/16/2008

Sarah Turner, Protection of Trade Secrets Under REACH, posted 01/07/2008

Jackie Smith and Kevin O'Connor, REACH for Non-EU Manufacturers, posted 01/07/2008

Marc Pensabene and Chris Loh, How to Assess Trade Secret Damages, posted 06/13/2007

James Pooley, Update on Trade Secret Law (As of April 2005), posted 11/15/2005

James Pooley, Trade Secrets and Corporate Governance: Best Practices, posted 11/10/2005

Restrcited ContentIntellectual Property Owners Association Trade Secrets Committee Employee Agreement Subcommittee, Preparing Employment Agreements, posted 06/20/2005

Bradford P. Lyerla, Trade Secrets: Thirteen Rules for Inevitable Disclosure Trials, posted 01/01/2005

Thomas Duston & Thomas Ross, Intellectual Property Protection for Trade Secrets and Know-How, posted 01/01/2005