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IPO International Trademark Law and Practice Committee, Protection of Graphic Logo Trade Marks Around the World – Copyright or Trade Mark Enforcement? An International Survey of Twenty Countries, posted 12/11/2017

IPO Latin American Practice Committee, Guideline for Patents and Trademarks Prosecution and Litigation in Latin America, posted 02/07/2017

Stephanie A. Melnychuk, Registrability of Geographical Place Names as Trademarks in Canada, posted 04/21/2016

Jung Mei Chu, Empirical Study on Determination and Protection of Well-Known Trademarks in China, posted 09/25/2015

Restrcited ContentIPO International Trademark Law and Anti-Counterfeiting Committee, Shape Trade Marks – An International Perspective, posted 06/03/2015

Curtis Krechevsky and Thomas Mango, Giving DuPont Its Due: How B&B Hardware Empowers TTAB, posted 05/20/2015

Jung Mei Chu, Trademark Infringement of Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM) For Export in China , posted 03/27/2015

Curtis Krechevsky, Trademark Oppositions in the United States, posted 02/25/2015

Restrcited ContentIPO Domain Names and Social Media Committee, New and Upcoming Domain Name Presents New Risks, posted 03/24/2014

Dr. Elizabeth Houlihan, Bad Faith Trade Mark Filings - An International Perspective, posted 11/14/2013

Stacy R. Stewart, The Letter of Protest: An Underutilized Enforcement Tool, posted 10/10/2013

Curtis Krechevsky and Michelle Ciotola, Selecting a Brand Name That Shines: Avoiding the Perils and Pitfalls, posted 10/11/2012

Restrcited ContentIPO Trademark Law Committee, Dilution Subcommittee, Review of Decisions on Key Issues under Federal Dilution Law, posted 07/27/2012

Elizabeth Houlihan, Well-known Trade Marks - An International Perspective, posted 09/26/2011

Curtis Krechevsky and Michelle Ciotola, The Top Ten Mistakes Made by Trademark Owners, posted 09/26/2011

Restrcited ContentIPO Trademark Law and Practice (International) Committee, Single Colour Trademarks, posted 07/24/2009

Restrcited ContentUSPTO Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, TTAB Offers Accelerated Case Resolution (ACR) Pre-Trial Disposition on Merits Saving Time and Money, posted 07/08/2009

Jenny Mackie and Dawn Logan Keeffe, A Reference Guide to the Australian Trademark System, posted 06/01/2009

Joseph C. Gioconda, Creative Approaches to Fighting Art Forgery, posted 01/28/2009

Scott D. Phillips, Infringers' Profits: Lessons from Trademark Valuation, posted 06/30/2008

Jeffrey H. Kaufman, Stop Counterfeiting at the US Border, posted 04/03/2006

Matthew A. Griffin, Nominative Fair Use After KP Permanent, posted 01/01/2006

Dino P. Clarizio and Jeilah Chan, Functionality, Fame, and Goodwill: The Supreme Court of Canada has Finally Spoken, posted 01/01/2006

Nina Shreve & Todd E. Breuer, Clearing a Trademark for Use, posted 05/09/2005